Video Colloquium: „This is all fear driven“ with Vasili Sofiadellis

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“This is all fear driven” with Vasili Sofadellis (min. 1-33) on may 16th 2019

“This is all fear driven” with Vasili Sofadellis (min. 33-41) on may 16th 2019

For the second part of the Video-discussion on “Fear” (“This is all fear-driven”) we have been talking to Vasili Sofiadellis, south-africain greek social entrepeneur based on Lesbos, Greece. Integrating the refugee’s skills he works on projects that use tech for good and cocreate solutions that are needed. Vasili has already been guest at our convention in 2018 on the “Migration” panel. Continueing the first part of the “Fear”-sessions with Fernando Valespin we dived deeper into that subject.

Different from the migrant-free fear in Eastern European countries where we have been talking about in the first part of the fear-sessions with Fernando Valespin, the situation on Lesbos is connected to a real situation. The real migration issues, outsourced by Europe on a small Island, evoke the same fears for change and loss. This fears are highly instrumentalizable. From whom and why are those fears missused? How can we prevent this and focus on the real problems we share? How can we embrace change? Is digital space resonating fear? Those questions we already adressed with Fernando and lead to the key question in May 2019: How will this fear express itself at the European Elections?