Bozhidar Bozhanov

Bozhidar Bozhanov is a senior software engineer, architect, project lead and coordinator, mainly working with Java-related technologies, interested in large-scale, distributed systems as well as researching open problems, and Founder and CEO at LogSentinel. He is a Member of the governing council of (society bg), a NGO aimed at improving the communication between citizens and the government, Co-organizer of the “OpenSource in the government” initiative and the Electronic-ID initiative and takes part in the OpenData and Open Source team at, consulting various institutions about OpenData and Open Source. Bozhidar Bozhanov is a member of an informal “e-governance” group, formed by government officials, business representatives and NGOs, aimed at improving the state of e-government in Bulgaria, and Head of IT & Data of the Yes, a Bulgaria political movement (since January 2017).